venerdì 23 dicembre 2011

North Koreans at a turning point following Kim Jong-il’s death

Morte di Kim Jong-il: il popolo nordcoreano è a un bivio.
Una fonte del governo sudcoreano spiega ad AsiaNews: “Il dolore per la morte del dittatore è reale, quella gente lo vedeva come una fonte di fierezza per la sua sfida militare al mondo. Ora la Corea del Nord potrebbe liberarsi della dittatura, ma devono muoversi loro per primi: un intervento esterno sarebbe devastante”. Le condoglianze di Pechino e l’allarme degli Usa.

Kim Jong-Il’s death “opens the door to disturbing scenarios. He was not only the country’s, ‘dear leader’, the second to take over following the death of the founder, Kim Il-sung; he was much more. For outsiders, it is hard to understand. North Koreans are at a turning point, perhaps unique in the country’s history. In any case, South Korea is ready for any eventuality,” said a source in South Korea’s Interior Ministry, who spoke to AsiaNews about the death of the dictator of Pyongyang.
“It is not possible to look at the images coming from North Korea (showing people crying in the streets and offices of Pyongyang) and dismiss them as propaganda. People’s pain is in a certain sense real. Kim Il-sung created the regime but his son strengthened it with the atomic weapon. This is a crucial fact to understand North Korean pride, for whom the late leader was not just a crazy warmonger, but the one who earned for the country world respect.”
Many scenarios are possible. “Now the power of Kim Jong-un, the third son and heir apparent, must be confirmed. His uncle Jang Song-taek, the regime’s N. 2 and the party’s strongman, and his wife, sister to the late dictator, are close to him. Two years ago, they were appointed his tutors, but they could eliminate him from power. What is certain is that the regime could be overthrown.”
This possibility “must come from the peop
le. Outside interventions would exacerbate popular anger at the outside world. We must and can support an internal movement, but we cannot envisage a military option. Now the domestic economy will suffer a major blow. Food prices are already going up. If they do nothing, it will be hard to intervene.”
People are waiting for a reaction from Beijing. "Shocked by North Korean leader Kim Jong-il's death, we express our deep condolences and send sincere condolences to
the Korean people," said Ma Zhaoxu, a spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The United States, which with South Korea and Japan, is the other armed power in the region, said they were closely monitoring the situation to preserve stability in the Korean Peninsula.
(Joseph Yun Li-sun)