sabato 12 novembre 2011

Ghazni: mother and daughter stoned to death for adultery 300m from govt offices

Ghazni: madre e figlia lapidate a morte per adulterio a 300 metri dagli uffici governativi.
La sharia è ormai l’unica legge.

“Ten years after the fall of the Taliban, the West has not been able to teach Afghans respect for human dignity. Sharia is the law that is enforced, not the laws of civilised countries,” sources told AsiaNews in reference to the stoning of two women, mother and daughter, accused of adultery. The two were killed yesterday in Ghazni, 138 km southeast from Kabul, a few hundreds of metres from government offices. Although the area was recently handed over to Afghan authorities, international forces are still in control. “Everyone knows such violence goes on,” sources said.
Yesterday, a group of armed men entered the house where a young widow lived with her daughter. After accusing them of adultery, they took them out to the yard, where they were stoned and then shot dead. The attack was carried out only 300m from the governor's office in Ghazni city, but police arrived too late on the scene of the crime.
Despite the sound of screams and gunshots, neighbours did not help or inform the authorities.
Officials says that a number of religious leaders in the city have been issuing fatwas, asking people to report any one who was "involved in adultery".
Sources told AsiaNews that some imams, even in the capital, have also been stirring up people against foreigners and demanding everyone submit to Sharia to the letter.
Ten years after the fall of the Taliban, nothing has changed. “The international community has spent billions of dollars in the country, but they have been used to set up an army and enrich political elites; very little has gone to the people,” sources say.
“In Kabul, if you step outside the area around the government compound, you’ll see only crumbling houses, mud roads and poverty. No one has showed Afghans why democracy is good. Little has been done in the way of building schools, hospitals and businesses.”
The West is also at fault for allowing the government to base its laws exclusively on Sharia, using the excuse that it is a domestic matter.
“The government continues to be weak, corrupt and not very credible,” the sources say. “Extremists and religious authorities use Muhammad’s law without fear to settle disputes in total impunity.”
(Tratto da Asia News)